Ada Who Sees Ads for WPMU

These files are intended for WordPressMU (WPMU) admins.

This is the great Who Sees Ads by Ozh for WordPress made specifically to work with WordPressMU.

Current version: 2.0

  • This is the plugin version number that I worked to make it compatible with WPMU

Who Sees Ads is an advanced ad management plugin that lets you decide who will see your ads, depending on user defined conditions. The association of an ad and these conditions is called a context: a set of circumstances you define, that will eventually display or not an ad.  For much more details and explanations please visit Who Sees Ads ? Manage your Ads, Control Who Sees Them

Unzip and upload to mu-plugins directory.

How it works:

  • Basically all contexts are saved to the main blog [admin blog].  You’ll only see admin options page when you are logged in as super admin of the main site and only in the main site.  You’ll not see the options page when you are at another blog even if you area logged in as super admin.
  • You’ll see the options page under Site Admin.
  • The context you create on the main blog will be used through out all blogs of your site.  So you can create one context name and use it anywhere.
  • This plugin’s widgets are disabled
  • Who Sees Ads pull down menu on the Post page will only be visible if you are logged in as super admin.

Known Bugs:

  • When you create new or update a context, the changes are not visible immediately.  You must reload the page to see the changes or addition of a new context.


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