Ada Thenkoodu Plugin

These files are intended for WordPressMU (WPMU) admins.  By all means, this should work with WordPress as well.

Current version: 0.0.1

  • First release.  Inspired by Thamizmanam WP Plugin by Kannan Ramanathan

Adds necessary codes to enable comments aggregation for Thenkoodu blog aggregator.  This plugin helps you to add Thenkoodu comment code to your site, with out editing any of the template pages. By default, this plugin adds the code only to the single post pages and not to the homepage.

If you place files in your mu-plugins directory, the option is available to all blogs.
If you place files in your plugins directory, the plugin needs activation by a blog admin. Only after activation, the option is available.

Upgrade: Just replace the old files with this.

Known bugs:  Comments aggregation works only if you have the Post Slug in English [Latin] characters.  If you used Tamil [Unicode] in the Post Slug area, the comments will not be aggregated.