Ada Tamilpayani Calendar Widget : அட‌ த‌மிழ்ப‌ய‌ணி நாள்காட்டி

These files are intended for WordPressMU (WPMU) admins.  By all means, this should work with WordPress as well.

அட‌ த‌மிழ்ப‌ய‌ணி நாள்காட்டி

Current version:  0.0.1

Adds a sidebar widget to let you display calendar events of Tamilpayani.

If you place files in your plugins directory, the widget needs activation by a blog admin.  Only after activation, the widget is available.
If you place files in your mu-plugins directory, the widget is active and available to all blogs.

Known Bugs:

  • Using the size of the calendar as 400 x 200, which may not fit in some themes’ sidebar.


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