Ada FeedWordPress Keyword Filters

Current version: 2012.0216

  • Last Updated: 2012/02/16
  • Thanks for the great FeedWordPress plugin and Add Attribution for FeedWordPress, which I based my plugin upon.

Previous versions: None

Filters posts syndicated through FeedWordPress by keywords.  You can do complicated keyword filters using AND, OR, and NOT logics.  Plugin will look for user entered keywords in post_title, and post_content


WordPress automatic installation is fully supported and recommended.

If you want to manually install

  1. Unzip the plugin archive in the folder wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin in admin section.

You should see Ada Keyword Filters section in FeedWordPress’s Posts & Links section.  It is not disabled out of the box and you should add keywords by clicking the Add a new keyword filter. You can add as many keyword filters as you want using one or all of the logics [OR, AND, or NOT]

You can add keywords for individual feeds as well.  When you select Posts under individual feeds on the Syndication menu of FeedWordPress, you’ll have the same options to add keywords.

Download current version

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