Ada A Blog Recent Posts Widget

These files are intended for WordPressMU (WPMU) admins.

Current version:  0.1.2

Adds a sidebar widget to let you display recent Posts from a single blog.  Directly access the DB instead of RSS.

If you place files in your mu-plugins directory, the widget is active and available to all blogs.
If you place files in your plugins directory, the widget needs activation by a blog admin.  Only after activation, the widget is available.

Upgrade:  Just replace the old files with this.


file:  ada_a_blog_posts.php

This is the name of the widget that will appear in the Sidebar Widgets screen under Presentation, when activated.

file:  ada_a_blog.php

Installed DB prefix for your WPMU

only show posts that has IDs greater than this
1 is Hello World
2 is About page

Default number of titles to list, if the option was left blank

Default number of words in a post to display, if the option was left blank or 0 [zero]].