Analysis on WordPress eCommerce/Product Management plugins

Here are the names of ecommerce/product management plugins

1.      WordPress eCommerce – MarketPress

There is a Pro version

2.      wpStoreCart – Ecommerce Plugin for WordPress

3.      Jigoshop – WordPress eCommerce

4.      Cart66 Lite :: Ecommerce Shopping Cart Plugin For Your Online Store

5.      TheCartPress, eCommerce Shopping Cart

6.      WooCommerce – eCommerce plugin for WordPress

7.      OrderStorm WordPress e-Commerce

8.      WP e-Commerce

9.      Zingiri Web Shop Live

10. Ecwid Shopping Cart


12. WordPress Simple Zarinpal Shopping Cart

13. DukaPress

14. Chopy Shop

15. eShop

16. YAK Add-on Module – Sales Tax

17. WordPress Ultra Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

18. WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

19. Cf Shopping Cart

20. Quick Shop

21. Zingiri Web Shop v2.3.2
They have an add-on to auto publish products on Facebook Pages: US$9.95/ annum
The plugin requires The Zingiri Web Shop logo to be displayed, unless you get a written permission.  I think the Plugin being the derivative of WordPress and hosted in WordPress repository, user can modify the code and remove this requirement.
There was a SQL syntax error was thrown, when installing.  After refreshing the page came back normally with the Plugin installed.  I would not use this plugin, even though it seems OK now.
“You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘Alvise” at line 1”

22. Simple Cart & Buy Now v1.0.1
This plugin looks same as “WordPress Checkout”
After inserting the product shortcode [using the editor button], the page simply displays the codes on Twenty Eleven and Platform themes

23. Welcart e-Commerce v1.0.9

From Japan
This plugin has rich set of options and SEO friendly customizations.  It needs few options translated from Japanese.  It has membership management to Settlement options.  I haven’t really be able to setup a PayPal for this.  The place you put Payment Gateway information are free text and I’m not sure what to type.  This plugin is a serious contender if it is translated and instruction on how to setup PayPal.

24. RSECommerce v0.8.4
After few attempts to add a product page in Post, the page didn’t display the price/shipping… details on the Post.

25. WordPress Checkout v1.0.2
This plugin looks same as “Simple Cart & Buy Now”
Very simple product list/ shopping cart functionality with only PayPal.  Can have multiple products on a Post.
There is no separate product addition page.  Uses WP Post as product page.  *Shopping cart was throwing js error on Platform theme.

Product Management+

1.      NoShop Product Page v0.5.3
For basic product list, this is ok.  Separate place to add product list; not using Post.

2.      Smart Manager for WP e-Commerce

This plugin is for the WP e-Commerce plugin

3.      WPSC Inventory Manager

This plugin is for the WP e-Commerce plugin

As you can see there are dozens of plugins.  It would require quite some time to evaluate thoroughly.  I guess I can do a quick evaluation.